Winner - Best Web Series

Winner - Best Web Series

 Nominee for  Best Drama Series

Nominee for Best Drama Series


Written by J.S. Davall and Anna Jones, My America is a six-part web series released one-a-day leading up to the November 8 election. It tells the story of Lucian, a black artist and Uber-driver, and Carmine, a retired white police officer visiting his son in Los Angeles. Over the course of a week, each man, seemingly so different, experiences a parallel journey confronting personal and political challenges amidst the contrasting value systems of today’s America.

Inspired by the impassioned level of heated debate in the run-up to the election and their own experiences in Uber, J.S. Davall as a driver and Anna Jones as a passenger, My America confronts some of the nation's biggest issues on a deeply human level. Through the use of the Uber experience as a chance for unforeseen chance interactions, the show is written for an audience as diverse as its characters,  from a Chinese mother refusing to vote to a white Democrat concerned about racist remarks on his mixed race children.

Premiering online on November 3rd, My America is a complicated and nuanced set of portraits of present day Americans grappling to understand what their America is and can be. 

Festivals to date include 15 Minutes of Fame (Palm Bay, Florida) and the Unrestricted View Film Festival (London, UK).

J.S. Davall is a black Latino actor/writer; Anna Jones is a white British writer/director; married and based in LA. They met at the Yale School of Drama where they began their long-term collaboration on Tarell McCraney’s In the Red and Brown Water. A decade of joint theatre making followed in New York (The Shot and day lights the bone for Jones’ acclaimed theatre company, Bone Orchard) and London through their production company, NYLon Projects.

London productions include Alena Smith’s melancholy farce Plucker at Southwark Playhouse (“This particular Smith & Jones form a fruitful partnership.” Evening Standard, London) and several projects for Arts Council England, including the co-authored The Brooklyn Bumpkin, which toured London schools and The Hackney Volpone, the pair’s adaptation of Ben Jonson’s C17th classic about greed ("This is an endearing production that doesn't deserve to slip under the radar", Evening Standard, London), which featured six professional actors including Davall, Babou Ceesay (NBC's The Bible) & Amara Karan (HBO’s The Night Of) and seven local Eastenders.

My America marks the pair's tenth professional collaboration, including shorts playing at various festivals including the London Short Film Festival and Williamsburg International Film Festival.

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