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An Uber-perspective on today's divided America. One episode for each of the six days leading up to the election.

Episode 1: As Lucian, a black Uber driver, takes Carmine, a white retired cop, from LAX to his son’s house in Hollywood, heated differences of opinion emerge over black and blue views of race and policing in contemporary America.

Episode 2: Ethan, a white driver, picks up a rattled Carmine outside a local drug store as he gets supplies for his new grandchild. Carmine’s confession of his wife’s recent call for a separation leads to a frank exchange with Ethan over the potential impact of a Donald Trump presidency on America’s economics and identity.

Episode 3, "Never Talk Politics with a Texan": Derek and Jolene, a Southern African-American couple, break into a physical fight in the back of Lucian's Uber over the state of black America and the Presidential race. 

Episode 4, "If You Want to Name Names": The strained relationship between Carmine and his daughter-in-law Jess breaks into a fractious debate over the nature of strong leadership as they discuss voter canvassing with Alejandro, their Mexican-American Uber driver.

Episode 5, "The Decisive Moment": Linda, a Chinese woman in her early 60s grieving the loss of her gay son, re-ignites Lucian’s faith in the necessity of artistic action as he renews her belief in the necessity to vote.

Episode 6, "As Good a Day as Any": Carmine and Lucian unhappily find themselves thrown together again in the back of Lucian’s Uber. Will they or won't they find a common ground?